"Cattle dealers of Morucha, Soc. Coop.", is a commercial organization formed by cattle dealers from Salamanca members of the C.R.I.G.P., Meat of Morucha of Salamanca and in V.E.C. Crossing of Morucha associations. Our main aim is to protect the commercial interests of our partners, and supply our customer with veal products of matchless quality; products controlled and certified by the Regulating Council Meat of Morucha of Salamanca and branded with the V.E.C. Crossing of Morucha quality mark.


The organization counts with feeding facilities with capacity for 300 animals, where the partner who considers it opportune can fatten his cattle (if it meets the terms and quality standards set by the Association).

Cattle dealers of Morucha, is a pioneering organization in this type of feeding facilities in the province of Salamanca. Thanks to our strictly quality procedures we have achieved great results: cattle death ratios are now at an historic low for these type of facilities: only 0.38% (usually the average ratio of losses oscillates between 2% and 3%). We can conclude that the handling, feeding and care of the animals in our feeding facilities set the standards in the industry, producing veal products of excellent quality.

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