Desing and production: a Duo marketing y publicidad.

‘Ganaderos de Morucha, S. Coop.’ offers two different types of meat strictly controlled by the competent authorities, thus to assure that our production meets the highest industry standards.

Firstly, we rigorously control the quality of the food for the stock, asking our suppliers to comply with the highest health and security standards.

Secondly, our company is under the continuous supervision of two mayor producer’s organizations to which all producers belong: ‘I. G. P. Carne de Morucha de Salamanca’ and ‘V. E. C. Cruce de Morucha’.

These exhaustive control procedures guarantee that all our products match the highest standards in the industry and comply with our customers' most exacting requests.


1st quality meat “Morucha de Salamanca” (Certification granted to our region for agricultural products that conform to clearly defined standards set by the competent authorities)
Only 12 to 18 months old male cattle, 200 k to 300 k per head to produce a deep red meat with purple flashes, white fat, which is extremely succulent and has an intense flavour.

“Añojos VEC Cruce de Morucha”
Morucha male cattle crossed with “charolés” bull (also called “limosín”): 12 to 18 months old cattle, 280 k to 330 k per head. Its meat is very similar to the previous type with a slightly faded red colour.

“V.E.C. Veal”. Morucha crossed type.
Female cattle, 10 to 14 months old cattle, 180 k to 240 k per head to produce pale red meat with intense white fat. Its tenderness makes it extremely tasty.

Besides these products, we sell other types of veal products from our associates: products that don’t necessarily fit into the official categories describe in our organization’s standards such as: cattle crossed with other varieties of stock (at a 50% ratio or higher), cows and bulls meat and sometimes meat from bulls breaded for bull fights.


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